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With Jacksonville, FL as a canvas “Building A City” is an ambitious documentary series that sets out to document development, urban planning, and how to build a city.

We’re documenting the growth and development of a city. With so much momentum, Jacksonville is more than just a city on the rise! The largest city in the USA by landmass has had some setbacks and never quite become as popular of a destination as Miami, Orlando, or Tampa …until now. Developers, city planners, and organizations are coming together to redevelop and build a city!

With the city skyline quickly changing, Fun To Watch is working closely with developers, builders, individuals, and organizations to document the total transformation of Jacksonville, FL.

Episode 1: The Background Story

Documenting Development

Fun To Watch brings you a series of videos featuring the growth and development of Jacksonville, with the new development documentary series, “Building A City”. A subsidiary of Corner Lot, Fun To Watch is a professional video production company working closely with the developers, builders, individuals, and organizations who are transforming Jacksonville into a world-class destination to live, work, play, and visit! Currently being produced in partnership with Corner Lot, Avant Construction Group, and bold line design, the new video series documents a city on the rise and provides viewers with project updates and an early inside look into exciting projects coming to the city. A new video will be posted every 3rd Tuesday of the month on and    / @funtowatchmedia  .

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Episode 2: Critical Mass & Density

Critical Mass & Density

In this captivating episode of “Building A City,” we delve into the remarkable collaborative efforts of city planners, developers, architects, and organizations working together to cultivate a vibrant and sustainable downtown Jacksonville. We explore the intricate strategies being employed to achieve critical mass and density, showcasing the commitment to historic preservation, adaptive reuse, and thoughtfully planned infill developments. Our spotlight shines on the awe-inspiring new headquarters of Industry West, a globally recognized furniture and design company. Corner Lot, the visionary developer behind this venture, takes center stage, sharing their passion for revitalizing historic structures and transforming them into dynamic urban spaces. Bold Line, a renowned architectural firm, lends their expertise, seamlessly marrying historical charm with contemporary design. Then lastly, the meticulous craftsmanship and construction of Avant. We explore their collaborative efforts and ingenious design solutions employed to optimize space, and elevate the city, while preserving the building’s unique character. Fun To Watch, a professional video production company, documented the entire process of this historical adaptive reuse for over a year. Carefully dialing in the footage while the other teams dialed in the design and structure of the building. As the episode unfolds, we witness the meticulous restoration of Industry West’s headquarters, a prime example of how adaptive reuse projects contribute to the critical mass and density of downtown Jacksonville. Through the lens of this project, viewers gain a deeper understanding of how collaborative efforts between developers, architects, and construction companies can reshape urban environments sustainably. We celebrate the ingenuity and foresight of these dedicated individuals, whose unwavering commitment to creating a thriving and sustainable downtown Jacksonville paves the way for a brighter future.

Episode 3: Rebranding A District

Rebranding The Church District

Join us as we explore the revitalization of the North Core district, a shining example of the city’s exciting development projects. With billions of dollars invested and collaboration between developers, city planners, and community organizations, #jacksonville is quickly becoming Florida’s freshest focus. In this episode, we discover how local developers, Corner Lot (@cornerlot) and JWB (@notyouraverageinvestor) have tapped into the potential of the North Core. By rebranding the former Church District, they brought life and innovation to an underutilized part of downtown. Through adaptive reuse and historic preservation, they are transforming spaces like the First Baptist Church and the iconic Jones Brothers furniture building, breathing new life into these locations with places to live, work, and play. Avant Construction (@avantbuilds) is no new name to (re)building the city’s downtown central core, the #construction company has been making a mark in the North Core from the start with Sweet Pete’s, another JWB development. Avant is the construction company that transformed the First Baptist Church into the #NoCo Center. Avant has shown to be a confident choice for construction as the company is handling most of the projects in the North Core, including the Federal Reserve Building and Jones Bros. The area will be transformed from old to bold, mixing #historicpreservation #adaptivereuse with elements of timeless modern #architecture from the award winning team of #architects Bold Line Design, who are designing Corner Lot’s multifamily mixed use #development that will surround the historic Jones Brothers building and was the Architect of Record for NoCo Center. Thanks to the incredible efforts and support from local developers and organizations like Build Up Downtown and the Downtown Investment Authority (@inamezini9325) this district has welcomed countless visitors, igniting a wave of economic activity and cultural vibrancy which will continue to accelerate with all the exciting projects breaking ground including the Emerald Trail being lead by Ground Work Jacksonville and the new and existing transit systems from JTA (@JTAFLA904) both coming to the North Core. Join us as we explore the NoCo Center, a captivating hub of entertainment that has attracted North America’s largest entertainment company, Paquin Entertainment. The professional production team at Fun To Watch is capturing the unprecedented transformation, you won’t want to miss witnessing Jacksonville’s North Core district unfold before your eyes. Brace yourself for an exhilarating journey in a city that is soaring towards success. Subscribe to    / @funtowatchmedia   for more remarkable stories and developments, not only in the North Core, but throughout the entire downtown Jacksonville as this city sets its sights on a brighter future. Visit to learn more about how @funtowatchmedia can help your business grow and make an impact in your community.

Episode 4: Historic Renovation / Adaptive Reuse

Rebranding The Church District

The North Core is becoming a vibrant urban destination in downtown Jacksonville, consisting of historic renovation and multi-family mixed use developments, with retail, entertainment and of course, the Emerald Trail. The North Core, or NoCo, is one of the smaller districts in downtown Jacksonville, but an excellent example of how developers, city planners, architects, and organizations are working together to rebuild and rebrand downtown Jacksonville to becoming a sustainable downtown for residents and visitors alike. When a city is self-sustaining and organically growing in development, demand, and urban dwellers, it’s said to have reached “Critical Mass”. For a downtown to reach critical mass, it needs “Density” and one of the key components to creating density is through developments that offer a mix of uses, including residential, retail, entertainment, and connectivity. As popular cities such as Austin, Chicago, New York and Dallas have shown, mixed-use development, paired with strategic urban planning, such as the High Line in New York or The Loop in Dallas, help create a more walkable, livable, and in demand urban environment. It’s an exciting time for downtown Jacksonville, but how has the city gained such a positive momentum? Incentives. Downtown revitalization is a collaborative effort between the public and private sectors. Incentives act as catalysts, fostering public-private partnerships that fuel economic growth, attract new businesses, and create vibrant communities. They enable developers to take on projects that might otherwise be financially unfeasible or risky. In this episode we will dive a bit deeper into incentives and some of their common misconceptions. We’ll be exploring the fascinating revitalization of a historic gem in our city’s downtown – the Jones Brothers Furniture Building. Thank You Corner Lot: Avant: Industry West: bold line: Capture Jacksonville:   / capturejacksonville   Jacksonville Historical Society: Abandoned Florida: Flagler County Historical Society: https://flaglercountyhistoricalsociet… Our Ancestors: Visit or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to learn more about how Fun To Watch can help your business grow and make an impact in your community. Contact Us:   / funtowatchmedia  


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